Transplant Calves

Brewin Tarentaise purchased a large number of fullblood and purebred Tarentaise embryos from Big M Tarentaise a few years ago. We did this to diversify the genetics of our herd, as well as to add more top quality genetics to our herd from another reputation Tarentaise herd.

We started transplanting some of these embryos into our recipient cows in 2017. Our first transplant calves arrived in early March 2018. Photographs and links to videos of 10 of these 12 calves are provided below.

The following text summarizing the show success that the donor cows and sires, as well as some of their immediate relatives (i.e., parents, offspring, or full siblings), of the embryos had at the Canadian Tarentaise Association’s (CTA) National Shows from 1980 to 2000 at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan. Most of the donor dams and sires were registered in both the CTA and the American Tarentaise Association (ATA). Their pedigrees and EPD’s can be found by going to and doing an ‘Animal Name Search’ for the individual donor dam or sire.

Donor Dams

Fullblood Donor Cows



Big M Lena 102S

Big M Diamond 143T

Big M Brandy

Big M Miss 226W

Big M Jera 253W

Big M Miss 268W

Big M Miss 294W 

EVD Miss Lutin 883J

Big M Marcie 1L

Big M Nadine 63P

Big M Dina 65P 

Big M Sabine 70P

Big M Miss 303X

Big M Miss 317X

Big M Miss 382Y

Big M Miss 497Z

Big M Miss 510Z

Big M Miss 648B

Purebred Donor Cows

VL Sue 14S 

Big M Miss 229Z 

Fullblood Bulls

Fullblood Bulls





Big M Senator 173U 

Big M Stretch 315X 

Big M Wizard 434Z 

Success of Donor Cows and Bulls

Many of these donor cows and bulls, their progeny, their parents, and/or their full siblings, were shown at CTA’s National Tarentaise Shows and won National Grand Champions or Reserve Championships. Many of these animals also saw success at the ATA National Shows in Denver, but we did not have access to the ATA’s show results and have not attempted to summarize the ATA’s National Show results.

Big M Jera 253W won the Grand Champion Female in 1988 and the Reserve Champion Female in 1987. Big M Jera’s dam, Ursule, was also the dam of a bull, Big M Stretch 315X, that was the Grand Champion Bull in 1988.

Another donor dam of our embryos that was either a Grand or Reserve Champion Female was Big M Diamond 143T. Although Big M Lena 102S, Big M Dina 65P, Big M Brandy, Big M 497Z, Big M Miss 229Z, Big M 648B, were not National Grand or Reserve females themselves, one, or both, of their parents were a National Grand and/or Reserve Champion.

In addition to Ursule, who was a dam to at least one National Grand or Reserve Champion, JVL Sue 14S and Big M Miss 317X also produced National Grand and/or Reserve champions.

The bulls that sired some of our embryos and that also became National Grand and/or Reserve, Champion bulls were Big M Senator 173U (1987 and 1989 Grand Champion Bull, and 1986 and 1988 Reserve Champion Bull), Big M Stretch 315X (1988 Grand Champion Bull) and Big M Wizard 434Z (1992 Reserve Champion Bull).

Although Ursule didn’t win a National Championship herself, two of her progeny did (i.e., Big M Jera and Big M Stretch). Similarly, although Big M Lena didn’t win a National title, her dam (Big M Lila 22N) was the National Female Champion in 1981 and she had a full sister that was the Reserve Champion Female in 1984.

In addition to the donor cows that parented National Grand or Reserve Champions, Boby, Victorieux and Big M Senator and Big M Stretch all parented at least one National Grand or Reserve Champion animal. Boby, for example, sired five calves (four bulls and one heifer) that became National Grand and/or Reserve Champions. One of Senator’s bull calves, Big M Renz (who’s dam, Big M Miss 317X, was a donor cow), was the Grand Champion Bull in 1994 and 1995 and the Reserve Champion Bull in 1993. He also had daughters that won titles. Stretch also sired three daughters that won Grand or Reserve Champion Female honors.